Black Swan posters

Here are some alternate posters for Black Swan, a new movie starring Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel and Mila Kunis.

These two have a stark Soviet beauty to them, with a sense of the dancer being controlled by a force greater than she can handle. Is this a story about a dancer being consumed by the performance until she loses herself?

design by La Boca

design by La Boca

These two treat the dancer as a precious object who exists solely in service to her master. She is either diminished or duplicated; in both cases she is interchangeable with any other dancer. Her inner life is lost and these versions fall kind of flat for me.

design by La Boca

design by La Boca

It’s this creepy poster that says the most about the main character’s central conflict (darkness vs. innocence, the price of perfection) and alludes to an element of horror in the movie.  The theatrical styling, blown-out lighting, her flat expression and retouching of the whites of her eyes all hint that this is an intensely psychological story about one dancer’s descent into guile, or madness. It makes me want to see the movie despite my not being a fan of Natalie Portman nor Winona Ryder (also in the movie).

design by Bemis Balkind


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