Rainn Wilson on Life’s Big Questions

A few weeks ago, Beliefnet’s editors and I pitched an idea to Rainn Wilson’s team to coincide with the release of his book Soul Pancake. He could shoot homemade videos of himself answering “life’s big questions” — Why is talking about God so awkward? How literally should we interpret religious texts? — and we’d put together a nice-looking package to match their branding and feature it on our website. They loved the idea, but the turnaround was pretty quick — about two weeks. I worked closely with designer Bill Safsel on the design and UX, integrated Facebook comments and a Twitter feed to give the page a sense of interactivity, and project managed from conception to launch. Operating on a skeleton crew these days, we weren’t able to get a live FB feed coded like we wanted, but the customized Twitter widget helps keeps things fresh. It was a small, fun project to execute and we’re all pretty proud of it. We’d love to do a series of celebrities answering life’s big questions, this time including real-time responses from our users.

Rainn Wilson on Life’s Big Questions

Rainn is of the Bahá’í faith, which could be described as an Islamic version of Unitarian Universalism.


One thought on “Rainn Wilson on Life’s Big Questions

  1. Luca Bartek says:

    I saw this on Beliefnet before and I found it great! It’s awesome, really, good job!

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