Monthly Archives: January 2011

Christmas windows

It’s supposed to snow 5 inches tonight in New York….now’s a perfect time to revisit the fantasy windows from Bergdorf’s while sipping hot cocoa.

Our intrepid explorer always dresses appropriately for space travel

‘Where shall we go tonight?’

Her trusty sidekick Davina always at her side

‘Davina, that nebula system looks just like my Swarovski clutch!’

Her oldest and best friend 'Suitcase'...

...and sweet but shy 'Ocho' keep them company on long journeys

Not to be outdone, her baby sister prepares for a journey to the center of the earth

Which ocean will provide the shortest route?

Maybe the constellations can be her guide

Of course they both plan to be back in time for the holiday ball

Who will wear the ostrich?

The fastest way back from the earth's core is giraffe-necked antelope...

...and this, bien sûr, is the swiftest way back from space!