Christine Rosamond’s Women

Recently my friend Ce Ce Chin, creative director of the awesome shoe line 80%20, turned me onto the works of Christine Rosamond when she guest blogged for The Daily Knickerbocker.

Rosamond’s work is affecting because of its spareness and sureness of line, soft color palette, use of negative space, and most compellingly, the direct, unflinching gaze of her subjects. Ce Ce calls her women “beautiful, defiant, free spirited and yet vulnerable. They are both knowing and longing.” The duality of knowing and longing strikes a deep chord. I love the languid mood that her drawing style evokes.

Christine Rosamond, "Rosemary," 1980


Christine Rosamond, "Asia," 1973


Rosamond’s life story is rife with themes of identity-seeking, self-doubt, rebellion, intense passion, destructive insecurity — themes universal to many women. Her mother was controlling and violent, and stifled her nascent talent in favor of her brother’s art; the women in her work shuck off any hint of the retreating doormat that might have formed from such repression, and instead radiate confidence, sensuality, sophistication, and power. Even a woman sitting in her car in the path of a steam train blithely smokes a cigarette, showing no apparent concern for her imminent demise. No wonder Rosamond outsold Norman Rockwell and Salvador Dali in the 70s, when women were experiencing liberation and wanted visual totems of their new-found freedom.

Christine Rosamond, "Summer Mood," 1973

Summer Mood

Christine Rosamond, "Rachel"


Christine Rosamond, 1980


Christine Rosamond, "The Crossing"

The Crossing

Rosamond died by drowning in the Pacific Ocean in 1994. She was swept away in the undertow. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a Wikipedia entry for her.

Christine Rosamond, "Last Work," 1994

Last Work (1994)


45 thoughts on “Christine Rosamond’s Women

  1. Phyllis hollywood says:

    Am interested in finding more pieces of her work.i have her work.

  2. Gina R Ross says:

    I have 2 of her pieces of art. One is a signed and numbered w/proof of authenticity large “Victoria” litho and the other is Print of Denim and Silk.

  3. Denise M says:

    Hi Phyllis..i just found an original “Simone” 29 ¼” high by 19 ¼” wide… I absolutely love it. I am looking for “Rachel”.

  4. Bobbi says:

    Phyllis – I have a rare Rosamond called “Fading Thought”, 1974 Litho, 12X16. Let me know if you would like photos.

  5. deborah farley says:

    I have an orginal rosamond painting of 1970’s Demin and Silk whats it worth?

  6. i have Galatea framed Litho 62/300 1977 It was a wedding gift. i worked as her nanny/house keeper for 2 years in Pebble Beach. value?

  7. I would love to have a poster of Asia or Victoria. Cannot afford original of Victoria ( $5,869.00). Thanks. I have 5 rosamond prints or copies. None cost more than $40.00.

  8. P. Mullins says:

    I have enjoyed Rosamond’s work for decades.

    I have a beautifully framed Victoria 267/300 for sale in EC.

    • How much for Victoria? Also love Ashley.

      • P. Mullins says:


        Good to hear from you. $4,000 with free shipping in the US.

        Please let me know if you need any further information.


        P. Mullins

    • just found this post. Did you sell Victoria; I am assuming you are describing a Lithograph. If you have not sold it , are you still interested in doing so? I am seriously interested. I own Circa 1980, but a friend has the oil painting of Victoria and I have always wanted it. Thank you Judy Leinweber

      • Phil Mullins says:


        Good to hear from you.

        I still have the Rosamond Victoria signed and numbered lithograph.

        It was purchased in the ’70’s and I have the certification docs

        I’m currently traveling but we can further discuss anytime after Sunday 12N CST.

        Thanks for your interest

        Phil Mullins

  9. Rhonda says:

    I have what I believe to be a 40×40 framed numbered print of Storyteller that I must sell.. Photo’s available if anyone is interested.

  10. Connie says:

    I have 2 Rosamond – authentize lithograph Summer Mood and Denium and Silk. Don’t know what they are worth but would like to sell them.

  11. Terrie H. Metzler says:

    I have the pleasure of owning a Rosamond, “Fading Thought”. It was given to me because the owner passed away, I would sure like to know her value. It is in a frame that is mirrored that surrounds the print.. I do see a signature, but I cannot make it out. It is breathtaking!

  12. Jackie says:

    I have a “Cleo” dated 1975. My mother in law won it on the show Name That Tune back in 1975. Its been in storage. No idea what it is. Not a print. It has raised areas.#111/200. Original receipt of $200 still attached to it. Would like to sell.

    • Valerie Myers says:

      Hi Jackie,

      I am very interested in purchasing the Cleo that you have if still available. Please let me know how much you would like to sell it for and I will follow up with purchase

      • Jackie Mellor-Guin says:

        Valerie. I do have it. It is not framed. In mint condition. The price I was given from the Rosamond Gallery was $3000. We also have the note from Name That Tune, the date of the show and the value it gave Cleo back in 1977. Let me know what you would like to offer.

        Best regards,


  13. Carol Jarvis says:

    I have a lithograph of Rosamond ’78 One Woman Show – signed by her. It’s brown and just the shading outline of the woman. Any value? It was distributed by Van Dervort Fine Art.

  14. Jackie Mellor-Guin says:

    Can I post pictures of what I want to sell?

  15. Joan Stevens says:

    We have a large print of Rosamond’s Simone on a board. Is it worth anything?

  16. Audrey Devore says:

    Hello! Is anyone familiar with Christine Rosamond’s portfolio of 4 lithographs published in an edition of 50 in July 1983? Any info would help. Thank you…

  17. Aron says:

    We have a large original Rosamond watercolor (Storyteller 1) that we are looking to sell. I have the painting listed on eBay, a gallery gave us an estimate of $34,000, as this is the original work and not a lithograph. We are asking $14,000 and have some room to negotiate if any collectors are interested in this work. Please contact me at (707) 495-6212 or Thanks

  18. Daneille Gillespie says:

    I would love to purchase summer mood in poster size I found demon and lace and would love to have summer mood Any way to find it ??

    • Phil Mullins says:

      Just google and I’m sure you will find one for sale

      We love our Victoria by Rosamond

      Good luck!


    • Annette Brewer says:

      Sent from my iPad. I, too to love to purchase a print.( can’t afford the original). If you find a good buy, let me know. Also send pic if you have one. I am not familiar with the last two you mentioned.

    • Sally Adams says:

      I have 5 of her prints. Summer mood is one

  19. Raymond says:

    Hi, I have a Rosamond lithograph “Dove Song” signed in pencil and numbered number 114 /300. Anyone interested?

  20. Raymond says:

    Hi I have a Rosamond lithograph signed and numbered in pencil.”Dove Song”, 114/300, anyone interested? Ray

  21. Robin says:

    I have a large Simone, a small Denim and Silk and a small Summer. All are on a heavy board. Two are signed, one is not. I know they were purchased in the 70’s. I’m curious to know if they are original paintings?? Any info would be great. Thank you!!

  22. Darlene Gobert says:

    I have a 5×7 print…Summer Mood….any value. I just discovered her work …love it so much. Also her being a California girl from my time and space, she has special place.

  23. Lisa says:

    Years ago 30+ I came across one of her limited signed litho. I remeber a girl in a fortune cookie. I have never seen a picture of it again. Does one exist?

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