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Animated gifs my first love

From If we don't, remember me.

"Los Angeles, November 2019, Part III (I, II)" Blade Runner (1982)

8 1/2, from If we don't, remember me

“Why do you smile that way? l never know if you’re judging me, absolving me or mocking me.” 8½ (1963)

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Christine Rosamond’s Women

Recently my friend Ce Ce Chin, creative director of the awesome shoe line 80%20, turned me onto the works of Christine Rosamond when she guest blogged for The Daily Knickerbocker.

Rosamond’s work is affecting because of its spareness and sureness of line, soft color palette, use of negative space, and most compellingly, the direct, unflinching gaze of her subjects. Ce Ce calls her women “beautiful, defiant, free spirited and yet vulnerable. They are both knowing and longing.” The duality of knowing and longing strikes a deep chord. I love the languid mood that her drawing style evokes.

Christine Rosamond, "Rosemary," 1980


Christine Rosamond, "Asia," 1973


Rosamond’s life story is rife with themes of identity-seeking, self-doubt, rebellion, intense passion, destructive insecurity — themes universal to many women. Her mother was controlling and violent, and stifled her nascent talent in favor of her brother’s art; the women in her work shuck off any hint of the retreating doormat that might have formed from such repression, and instead radiate confidence, sensuality, sophistication, and power. Even a woman sitting in her car in the path of a steam train blithely smokes a cigarette, showing no apparent concern for her imminent demise. No wonder Rosamond outsold Norman Rockwell and Salvador Dali in the 70s, when women were experiencing liberation and wanted visual totems of their new-found freedom.

Christine Rosamond, "Summer Mood," 1973

Summer Mood

Christine Rosamond, "Rachel"


Christine Rosamond, 1980


Christine Rosamond, "The Crossing"

The Crossing

Rosamond died by drowning in the Pacific Ocean in 1994. She was swept away in the undertow. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a Wikipedia entry for her.

Christine Rosamond, "Last Work," 1994

Last Work (1994)

Christmas windows

It’s supposed to snow 5 inches tonight in New York….now’s a perfect time to revisit the fantasy windows from Bergdorf’s while sipping hot cocoa.

Our intrepid explorer always dresses appropriately for space travel

‘Where shall we go tonight?’

Her trusty sidekick Davina always at her side

‘Davina, that nebula system looks just like my Swarovski clutch!’

Her oldest and best friend 'Suitcase'...

...and sweet but shy 'Ocho' keep them company on long journeys

Not to be outdone, her baby sister prepares for a journey to the center of the earth

Which ocean will provide the shortest route?

Maybe the constellations can be her guide

Of course they both plan to be back in time for the holiday ball

Who will wear the ostrich?

The fastest way back from the earth's core is giraffe-necked antelope...

...and this, bien sûr, is the swiftest way back from space!