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Officially launched today! The launch coincides with the video premiere of Joe’s cover of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, which features his vast vintage keyboard collection played by a bunch of rad NYC girl keyboardists. I’m in there somewhere!

I was inspired by the woodgrain detail that many of those old keyboards have. I wanted to give his site the same vintage feel, like a Southern California den from the 70s.

Thanks to George Miguel for all his excellent backend work on the project, steadfastness, encouragement and general loveliness.


Rainn Wilson on Life’s Big Questions

A few weeks ago, Beliefnet’s editors and I pitched an idea to Rainn Wilson’s team to coincide with the release of his book Soul Pancake. He could shoot homemade videos of himself answering “life’s big questions” — Why is talking about God so awkward? How literally should we interpret religious texts? — and we’d put together a nice-looking package to match their branding and feature it on our website. They loved the idea, but the turnaround was pretty quick — about two weeks. I worked closely with designer Bill Safsel on the design and UX, integrated Facebook comments and a Twitter feed to give the page a sense of interactivity, and project managed from conception to launch. Operating on a skeleton crew these days, we weren’t able to get a live FB feed coded like we wanted, but the customized Twitter widget helps keeps things fresh. It was a small, fun project to execute and we’re all pretty proud of it. We’d love to do a series of celebrities answering life’s big questions, this time including real-time responses from our users.

Rainn Wilson on Life’s Big Questions

Rainn is of the Bahá’í faith, which could be described as an Islamic version of Unitarian Universalism.