Visual Design as a Discipline

An old 2009 blog post from the former lead visual designer of Google on why he left.  Eloquent thoughts about design principles, subjectivity and the perils of relying too much on data.

Without conviction, doubt creeps in. Instincts fail. “Is this the right move?”

Goodbye Google

googleDoodle_dottedPost-script: Google’s new approach to design.


A simple and clear primer on skillsets

Helps your client understand why you can’t “turn the cow around in Photoshop so we can see more of its face,” or why it’s hard to “just make it like Google, but different.”  I’m somewhere in aqua to indigo land, though hope to build more skills in GREEN.


Graphic by Karen Kavett, via Sweet Melancholy


Following the Crystal Path

Following the Crystal Path

A study in rose and light


Friday afternoon color game

Match to hue, saturation, complementary, analagous, ternary and quaternary.  It gets harder as it moves along.  Totally addictive!


Speaking of hand-drawn

The impeccable work of chalk typographist Dana Tanamachi.  What I love the most about her time lapse videos is watching the erasure as part of her creative process.

“I love making them, they serve a purpose, then they’re gone.”





Quick Draw Wins!

Hand-drawn illustrations always catch my attention….this print ad campaign for Pictionary from Ogilvy Malaysia uses it to maximum effect!  They just won the Gold Press Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Illustrations by Milx (Mahathir Buang.  Adorbs.  Via Buzzfeed.




The Canvas Element

This is what HTML 5 can do. Realtime Wind Map from the team at (Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg)

Design Maturity Continuum offers a nice model for gauging an organization’s design maturity.  Most of my work currently falls between Function/Form and Problem Solving, leaning more towards Problem Solving.  Would love to apprentice at a shop that falls squarely in the Framing end of the spectrum…

Design Maturity Continuum

Always strive to solve problems!

Beautiful login page showcasing CSS parallax effect

screenshot of login page

Resize the screen to see parallax in effect